Bio Hacking with a lite Mist

Bio Hacking with a lite Mist. For those that want to enjoy the health benefits of this Bio Hacking “Awesomeness” but in lite form. There are 3 Areas of Health we Focus on with our “lite” options:

We solved the needs for a healthy brain with brān®, pronounced [breyn]:

Bio Hacking with a lite Mist

Ready to have an increase in your Happiness and Mental Wellness? This is the product for you. Imagine what your body and well being will do when you have a Brain Food that works to improve your life and brain functionality. This makes things so much clearer, better, happier. And the day becomes so much better. Such the product for us all. For me, it replaced Energy Drinks (which are really not good for us) all together. Not a single energy drink since October 2020. Also, productivity throughout the day is at the highest of levels when using this incredible “Snap”.

Order Full “SNAP” Version Here. This is full effect and works wonders. I personally take 2 to 6 of these daily based upon my needed productivity. No longer utilizing dangerous Energy Drinks, this is the most incredible thing for me and everyone we share it with.

Order the lite “SPRAY” Version Here. This is great for those that need to go lite-er on the dose. 8 sprays is a full dose. But 2, 4, or as needed is easier with the Spray.

We solved “Better Sleep” with a side of “Slim Down While Sleeping” with zlēm®, pronounced [zleem]:

Better Sleep delivered through this Bio Hacking Solution is probably why this is our #1 Selling Snap! We have so many people sleeping better because of this. Taken 30 minutes before bedtime and better sleep is on its way. While sleeping this bio hacking product is going to utilize your bodies stored resources. So those unwanted pounds (of fat) and inches (of ugly fat) are able to diminish. Granted its not overnight wonder, but continued use creates continued results. And better sleep is absolutely a must for all of us. This has been an important part of our Weightloss Success. Lost 9 pounds in the first 30 days and then gradually (with the assistance of all the Snaps) lost over 65 pounds and have kept it off! Better Sleep and awesome Weight Management!

Order Full “SNAP” Version Here. This is full effect and works wonders.

Order the lite “SPRAY” Version Here. This is less effect on the “SLIM” but all the power of the Sleep. And ideal for those lucky individuals that do not have extra “UGLY FAT and Inches” they want to rid themselves of.

Gut Health determines our overall Health. If you are dealing with pains and aches and Weight Problems; your Gut Health is probably a root concern. One that needs to be address in order for your overall health to be rectified. This is more and more known by our Medical Professionals. And more than ever you are hearing about Leaky Gut, or unhealthy Guts. Because of the Powerhouse program we found; we have been given access to byōm®. This is the first of its kind liquid Probiotics (and so much more) that create a solution in helping with Gut Health. And the results are coming in Big Time! The long term effects of this “Gut Health Snap” are Awesome. This is a must for us all.

Order Full “SNAP” Version Here. This is full effect and works wonders. And while we take this once daily, it is something that is needed everyday. Our gut is our 2nd Brain after all.

Order the lite “SPRAY” Version Here. This is easier to dose. Should you need less than the full amount in a “SNAP”. Also convenient to carry and use in the Spray Form.

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